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Hemispheres - Hemispheres


Our EP release, Hemispheres, is an exciting and vibrant result of the need for creativity at the time of lockdown in 2020. I teamed up with musicians in Dartmoor & Australia and utilised technology to collaborate with them, creating an uplifting and optimistic response for the future.

Our Dartmoor/London/Australian-inspired soundscapes meld electronics with the live sounds of didgeridoo, flute, reeds, upright piano, rhythm sticks and etherial vocals.

With Hemispheres we looked to shadow the human relationship with our closest star, the sun, moving from dawn, through an adrenaline and heat driven day, to an ecliptic dusk. We combined the spiritual heartbeat of aboriginal Australia with the cool breath of a misty and timeless Dartmoor.


Paul (Groovy Lips) Boon - didgeridoo and sticks

Clifton Bieundurry - vocals

Chris Caldwell - soprano & baritone sax and bass clarinet

Sam Hodder - electronics, cajon, percussion, piano, guitar and vocals

Susie Hodder-Williams - flute

Mixed and mastered by Sam Hodder and Nick Pugh



RTÉ Lyric FM

'Shining example and great variety'

BBC Radio 5 Live

'Brilliant, Steve Reich flute to Bonzo Dog Bari'

Radio 3 RTHK Hong Kong

'A beautiful, unique, genre-less instrumental suite'

Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

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